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I could not rationalize how a classmate did not have something as simple as a pencil

Throughout the past few years I've noticed a large issue with students and classmates throughout my own community.  Many students were stepping into the classroom without the essential learning tools they needed. As a teen who loves to learn and enjoys school very much, it was concerning to me, as I could not rationalize how a classmate could not have something as simple as a pencil. I would always offer them one of mine, but this led me to having a long discussion with my parents and doing some research.

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WTNH Recognizes Peyton's Promise as their Wednesday Warrior!

There are many ways you can support Peyton’s Promise, none of which are too small. We appreciate every penny and every pencil!


School Days


In 2019 60% of parents reported that school supplies were a challenge to afford. 

Because of this, 94% of Educators spend their own money to provide their students with the basic supplies needed to complete assignments both in school and at home.

Paving the way for tomorrow's leaders

Our mission is to ensure children throughout Connecticut are provided with the essential learning tools they need to succeed in the classroom and at home!

Peyton has worked with numerous Title 1 schools throughout Connecticut, as well as, the United Way and provided what we like to call “Peyton’s Power Packs”.  These are bags that are filled  with supplies and additional learning tools, such as books and more!

Public Service Opportunities

Power Packs
Want to fill a power pack for a child or classroom? Check out our Amazon Wishlist! Awaiting your support are tomorrow's leaders!
Guest Speaker
I would love to meet with your class! Although I realize all meetings at this point in time are virtual, I am anxious to ZOOM into more classrooms this school year! I love chatting with the kids about how important it is to get an education and how important it is to be kind to one another!
I would also love to speak with any other community organizations about the impact I hope to make in our world, and how you can help!
Charity Function
You can make a child smile with Amazon Smile! Shop for your own home goods using the below link. A portion of your sales will be given back to Peyton's Promise!
Interested in making a monetary donation of an educational tool? Contact us below!

This middle school girl is going to change the world, one selfless act at a time. Thank you to Peyton for supporting our school and bringing school supplies to our students.

Emily Gomes, Principal

Ivy Drive Elementary School 

Bristol, CT 

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