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Peyton Troth
I am a 16-year-old high school student with dreams of attending the University of Alabama and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism & Pre-Law. 

I could not rationalize how a classmate did not have something as simple as a pencil

Throughout the past few years I've noticed a large issue with students and classmates throughout my own community.  Many students were stepping into the classroom without the essential learning tools they needed. As a teen who loves to learn and enjoys school very much, it was concerning to me, as I could not rationalize how a classmate could not have something as simple as a pencil. I would always offer them one of mine, but this led me to having a long discussion with my parents and doing some research.


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I have grown up in a family with strong giving traditions and was taught from a very young age that one of the greatest gifts I can give was my time. 

I love filling my calendar with volunteer opportunities and events that allow me to be an advocate for kindness and respect. 

I love being the only girl sibling to my three brothers! Tyler, Jaxon, and Memphis! 

In the world of role models and inspiration, Lebron James is my Hero and the inspiration for Peyton's Promise. I am an NBA Franchise trivia expert, there is nothing I can't name!

If I am not watching sports or dedicating my time to my community, family, dance, or friends - I am curled up on my couch watching a marvel movie!

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